Welcome To Magic Boat Publications

We’re a small independent publishing company dedicated to producing exceptional literary works and educational materials to go with them.

Our specialty is business and personal development. We’re also branching into works of fiction. We accept book submissions from authors and their agents. We also hire and work with writers as co-authors, ghost writers, and blog content producers.

We target very precise niches and seek ways to help them solve specific problems they face with exceptional works on non-fiction.

We market, promote, and sell our books obsessively. We are dedicated promoters of our titles.

We produce unique courses, webinars, digital products, and other materials to supplement our books so that readers have a way to take their understanding, skills, and know-how to the next level.

Our Philosophy


The Highest Value Content Rules

Our books solve specific problems for niches and so are highly valued by our readers.


Marketing Is What It’s All About

We aggressively market, promote, and sell our books and the courses that go with them.


Go Beyond The book

We believe in going beyond the book. That’s why most of our titles have additional courses and other educational programs that readers can use.

Your Content is Your Voice

Do you have a book idea or manuscript in the works? Does it solve a business or personal issue or problem in a new and unique way? If so, we’d like to talk with you.

Solve Problems

Provide Unique Solutions

Understand Your Reader Well

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